Disfressa d’Or Award at the 2018 Carnival of Tarragona

Several thousand people filled the Tarraco Arena to attend the Disfressa d’Or gala this year, one of the most spectacular events within the Carnival celebrations of Tarragona.

In this contest, Albadalejo supplied the lighting equipment and structures to make this act a reality that provides a characteristic feature in the carnival celebrations of the capital of Tarragona.

The equipment supplied for this event are of the highest level, being Albadalejo the only company that can provide this type of equipment in the Tarragona region. MAC Axiom Hybrid, MAC Aura, ELAN strobe lights, cut-outs and Robert Julia guns formed the bulk of the systems that a Thomas Ground Support structure of more than 16 meters accommodated.

Almost 20 groups gathered on Thursday night in a spectacular show presented by Josep Bordas, singer of Pepet i Marieta.

The carnival parades in the regions of Tarragona have a strong roots and enjoy great popularity and acceptance. In addition to the great event of the Tarraco Arena, Albadalejo also gave audio-visual coverage to several troupes among which stand out the Som i Serem and that of the Montserrat Carles School.

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