Coliseum. The Games of Rome

COLISEUM, The Games of Rome is the action extravaganza that will make you live intensely the games of ancient Rome. You knocked back over 2,000 years to feel like a true Roman citizen sitting on the steps of the great Coliseum to witness a spectacle never seen before in Barcelona.


In Coliseum, we’ll live the story of Marcus Ulpius, a Roman legatus, unjustly condemned by the consul Domitian to the Coliseo’s Arena. Marcus, will struggle and demonstrate not only his skill with the sword, but his innocence before the emperor Titus and all the Roman plebs. For it will count on valuable allies of Alexandria, but also cruel enemies will use vile stratagems to kill him.


To begin the game, you will live the staging of the Battle of Emporiae with over 100 actors on stage, horses, fire and Roman carriages. Once surpassed the battle, Marcus, our hero will have to face the big giant Porfirion to get the prized with the sword of Hercules. Before have been present large retinue of Queen Cleopatra of Alexandria with her dancers and dramatic and visual fire tamers. This is just the beginning of an unprecedented spectacle that will make you vibrate and thrill. If you want to know what else you can find click: The Games…


But the show is not just a succession of proves and games. COLISEUM has an interesting script full of twists, surprises and betrayals. All this will get you excited with everything that will happen to our protagonist. We will witness of a love story, the exploits of our protagonist aided by his horse and his mentor, the rivalry between Marcus and Cornelius Fusco and the evil plan or the consul Domitian held during the games. All this and much more make this show like a real live film.



This spectacular event, held last October at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, with the collaboration of Albadalejo in lighting and sound.

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