New ”High capacity ground support”

With the goal of always offering the best product and the maximum benefits for our customers, a new high capacity Litec structure has been added to our catalogue. Following market trends, the structure has a black finish.

The horizontal sections are Litec RL105A, and are 1.06 metres in height and 0.67 metres in width. This framework allows for an evenly distributed load of more than 3,600kg over a stretch of 24 metres, or 1,450kg over a stretch of 39 metres.

The towers acquired in order to elevate the structure are the Litec Maxitower MT52, capable of elevating a load of 3,000kg at a height of 15 metres. The structure that forms the tower can also be used for horizontal loads, allowing adjustments of up to 22 metre stretches with an evenly distributed load of more than 1,450kg.

The structures are available immediately and there are more than 130,000 of the RL105A in stock, more than 120,000 of the QL52A and 8,000 MT53 bases along with their corresponding stabilisers.

All of the load weights mentioned have been taken from and are in accordance with the UNI ENV 1999-1-1 (Eurocode 9) law.