In Albadalejo we did not want to end the year without welcoming our latest incorporation: the Astera family. Over 100 projectors will form part of our catalogue and will be available immediately so you can incorporate them into your events.

Astera is a wireless lighting system that makes assembly at events quick and effective. This product range is the perfect inclusion of long-life batteries into lighting managed by a sophisticated control system.

The references acquired are AX3, AX5 and their associated control systems.

The AX3 is a small RGBW IP65 projector that is easy to use and totally wireless. It can be used as an uplighter, a pendant light, a floor light or inside translucent objects such as a truss, etc. It can be anchored onto iron objects with no accessories thanks to its powerful magnet. It is extremely compact and luminous. Thanks to its powerful battery and intelligently managed energy, we can use it at long events. These products are supplied in charging flight cases with eight units, which include an ARC1 control and three optics per light fitting.

The AX5 can be used as conventional PAR LED connected to the electricity supply, wireless PAR LED or high-power uplighter. It has a functional bracket system enabling it to be removed easily, when required, without the use of tools. It does not matter if there is inclement weather, the AX5 can operate in the rain thanks to its IP65 degree. These products are supplied in charging flight case with 8 units, which include an ARC1 control, hooks, studs and two lighting optics.

On 15th January, at our Lliçà d’Amunt facilities, there will be a presentation of all Astera products and the range of accessories and supports we are developing in Albadalejo for your events.